Delivery trip – a  deserted island 

Every boat should have a parrot. Meet Claude the cockie who joined us just before we sailed for Brampton Island.

But then we were alone. Even Claude decided to leave us to sail into the sunset  – just the two of us.

Land hoy! Looking forward to that glass of wine as we laid anchor at Brampton Island.

Our delivery trip to Brisbane allowed us to revisit some of the beautiful places we had landed when we sailed Rondo up the East Coast in the 1980s. Brampton Island was sadly much changed following Cyclone Yasi, the resort having been damaged badly and still awaiting repair. The plus side was that it was still stunningly beautiful and completely deserted! As we anchored we were treated to a glorious sunset and simultaneously a full moon rose. We felt the sea gods were giving us their blessing.

Exploring the deserted island we swam in crystal waters and and walked through a fragrant forest that stretches right across the island. As we walked the smells and sounds of the trees and bush animals brought back vivid memories of the last time we landed our dinghy there almost thirty years ago.

As we gratefully paddled through a cooling tea tree stained creek we came upon a gorgeous cove where we ate our picnic and enjoyed the serenity before heading back for the long walk home.

The welcoming, sparkling little cove at the end of the trail

Jonathan feeling like a true King

The start

It was a shake down cruise, a chance to get to know the boat properly, but it turned out so much more than that ……

First family time. After Ben’s accident it was wonderful to spend some time together with him and Sarah and their friend Beccy on Bali Hai.

Ben, Sarah and Beccy on Whitsunday Island
Sarah makes friends with a cockatoo at Nara Inlet
Ben and Sarah overlooking stunning Whitehaven Beach

Into the Blue

After a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband Jonathan and I are about to sail off into the sunset – this time to the wonderful islands of Indonesia. While we do expect dramas, tough times and even moments when we feel it’s all a big mistake, we also know we will learn so much about the natural world, about the people of Indonesia and others we meet on the way, about ourselves and about each other. We will see wonders, enjoy the salt air and the sense of freedom, marvel at crazy star lit nights and feel the wind in our hair.

But first things first – top of the list, take delivery of the boat. After five years on charter in the Whitsunday Islands Bali Hai is all ours!

Our yacht Bali Hai