Sadly leaving the captivating Cinque Islands

We left the Cinque Islands in India feeling a little sad as it was our last stop after a month of exploring islands in the Andaman group – first in the north and then down south.

Untouched white sand
Farewell to the Cinque Islands

The Cinque Islands are definitely the jewel in the crown of this sparkling necklace of islands but Inglis Island and Neill Island also stood out for us. 

Inglis island was stunning

We headed for Port Blair with the wind and current against us so it was a bit of a plod back but it only took five hours and we arrived in time for a late lunch.

On our way back to Port Blair

As we motored up the coast of South Andaman Island, we were sad to see that a fire we had noticed a week or more ago was still burning. We suspected that the land was being cleared for a Palm Oil plantation, of which there are a fair few already in the Andaman Islands, including a massive one on Little Andaman Island.

Land clearing for palm oil

The skipper spent virtually the whole trip with his head down in the bilges trying to stop the strainer in the water maker from cavitating. 
The seal on the strainer was letting air in and try as we might, even with our driver Vijay’s assistance we couldn’t find a new strainer. We did however, find some plumbers tape which would allo us to use the water maker for a short period each day – easily enough for our needs until we could buy a new strainer in Phuket.

Vijay our driver was so helpful

It was good to be back in Port Blair and to be taken around in the stately but elderly Ambassador car driven by Vijay, a diminutive man from Chennai who works in Port Blair during the tourist season (January to May) and then goes home to his family for the rest of the year. 

The money he earns driving in Port Blair is much more than he can earn in his home town and working away has enabled him to put his two children through school and university. His daughter is a University lecturer and his son is also doing very well, so his hard work has paid off.

Vijay’s pride and joy!

That evening we returned with Smart Choice and Yantara to the Megapode Restaurant where we had previously had a very enjoyable lunch. We had drinks first – in the darkened bar,  so dark that we had to use a torch to read the menu.

Dinner at the Megapode

Drinking alcohol appears to be regarded as a semi-illicit activity in the Andaman Islands,  to be indulged in anonymously and away from the public eye. 

One of our last dinners in Port Blair

We had quite a lot of bar snacks and bar food so by the time we went to eat our meal on the terrace we felt quite full up and couldn’t really do justice to the meal. A bit like an Indian dinner party where the guests are plied with drinks and snacks and dinner is served around the time you think it’s time to go home to bed!

If you would like to read a little bit about the history of theses beautiful and fascinating islands go to:

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4 thoughts on “Sadly leaving the captivating Cinque Islands”

  1. You must have been sad to leave the Andaman Islands, but what an amazing adventure to have been there and explored the islands. Lovely that Hannah could join you there too. I remember those dinner parties in Assam where we didn’t eat until and were too full of G and Ts and nibbles by then to enjoy the wonderful spreads they provided!


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