Farewell Beautiful Bali

We found the opportunity to have a last farewell to beautiful Bali before departing for a very different island, Karimun Jawa.


View from my window Lovina Beach, Bali
We hired a car for the day with our friends from Fruit de Mer, Anne-Mieke and Gerrit and took off early to see as much as we could in one day.


Oh Bali you are so beautiful!
First stop was for breakfast up in the hills opposite the Hindu Tabanan Water Temple. Higher up, the air was wonderfully cool and as we climbed upwards we had noticed lots of stalls selling mouth-wateringly plump red strawberries. We were all very pleased to discover strawberry pancakes on the menu for breakfast!


Gorgeous views on the way up into the hills!

There was a big festival on at the temple – to bring blessings for the harvest – so we couldn’t go to the inner temple but it was lovely to watch everyone filing into pray and we enjoyed walking through the grounds by the tranquil lake.

Doorway of restaurant with Hindu Temple ahead


Worshippers at the Hindu Water Temple
We made a slight diversion to see some unimaginably green rice paddies that have been declared a heritage area by UNESCO.




We then travelled towards the famous town of Ubud, stopping on the way at the Monkey Forest where hundreds of cheeky monkeys entertain hundreds of tourists every day. 

Quite apart from the monkeys, the forest itself is very attractive with some beautiful trees, streams, ponds and statues.

 After a wander round Ubud and lunch overlooking some rice paddies we made our way home stopping to buy strawberries on the way home, feeling sad that this would be our last day in Bali.



Bali is in competition with Australia for “big” fruit and veg. – Oz has the Big Banana and the Big Pineapple and Bali has the Big Corn on the Cob!

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Salty tales from Bali Hai

In 2015, after a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband and I sailed off into the sunset - this time to the wonderful Islands of Indonesia and beyond. Three years passed and we swapped sails for wheels driving through Scandinavia and Europe in a motor home. Now we are on the brink of another adventure - buying a Lagoon 420 Catamaran in Athens. This is our story.

4 thoughts on “Farewell Beautiful Bali”

  1. Ubud and Sidemen are my favourite places in Bali. As I have been visiting there for 36 years on a regular basis I can truly say the culture, colour and creativity of Bali is extraordinary. One always feels happy there and you can always find a smile smiling back at you. It is a very special place that becomes closer and closer to oaradise with each return visit. Thanks for the pics and words of wonder. Cheers Bronwyn


    1. Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment Bronwyn – I’m afraid I got a bit behind and then forgot! Yes, Bali is brilliant but always more crowded every time we visit. There are still magical places that are less visited if you make the effort to find them.


  2. Really enjoyed hearing about your visit to Bali and reminisce with George, remembering that we were in Ubud thirty six years ago!! Love Sally xx


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