Crossing the Equator –  aargh Jim Lad

One of the highlights of the Sail2Indonesia rally has got to be the unscheduled stop on a deserted beach at Tanjung Kelit on Dasi Island for a pirate-themed Crossing the Equator party.

Our AIS on the chart plotter shows the boats leaving Penuba all in a line. off to the Equator Party!

We were on our way from Penuba to Benan Island – our final stop before the check out port of Tanjung Penang. Evan, one of the three singlehanded yachtsman had the idea of having a party to celebrate this significant milestone and a few boats went ahead to scout for a suitable beach.

The site of our Crossing the Equator Party

They could not have made a better choice – a gorgeous little rocky cove with a safe and calm anchorage. 


Rally boats at anchor off the small cove selected for our party
We actually crossed the Equator just before reaching the party destination. It felt amazing to have achieved this and of course a glass of wine was poured to celebrate the special moment.


One minute our chart plotter says we are in the Southern Hemisphere and next minute …..

…… says we are in the Northern hemisphere!
Yay crossing the Equator!

We had a great party – cooked fish over an open fire – lots of wine and beer and some inventive dress ups. There were about 20 of the original 49 rally boats – fortunate that there weren’t too many more as the pirate cove was very small!


Me in my pirate outfit!
Jonathan and parrot!

Peter and Lynne from Sunchaser – winners of the Best Dressed Pirate contest
The kids let off some off the fireworks they had bought at Belitung and we all celebrated hard. Jonathan and I went back to the boat at a fairly respectable time but a few people carried on until daybreak (mentioning no names).
The Crossing the Equator pirate crew!

The next morning there wasn’t a breath of wind so we all motored the rest of the way to the prettiest little place – Benan Island. 

The water was so still you could see the reflection of this cloud in it
Palm trees, white sand, a restaurant on the end of the jetty and charming, welcoming people and some young teenagers who loved performing Katy Perry and Justin Beiber songs!


Our lovely singers
We had a wonderful few days enjoying the sea and the sand, food and drink, and a reception with dancing and singing.



Women of Benan performed a wonderful petcussion piece
The band
Malay dance /martial art display
On our last night one of the boys from Allure of NZ, Luke, turned 10 and his family put on an amazing beach party with everyone invited and all the old games and three-legged and sack races. 


Sack races
Piggy back races
There was great hilarity when we played a game called Russian Roulegg (suggested by party animal Evan) where a whole load of eggs were hard boiled and some left raw. When it was your turn you had to knock the egg hard on your head and if you were lucky you had an egg to eat – if not you ended up with a nasty sticky mess and literally egg on your face! 


Eggsciting times!
Eggscellent present for the birthday boy – egg on his face!
Everyone was in stitches, particularly the local people who had never seen anything like it!


So much eggscitement!
Wendy from Dreammaker 2 was eggstatic that she had picked a hard boiled egg
…but she was wrong!

 The evening ended with an absolutely stunning firework display with some rockets and “bombs” worthy of New Year on Sydney Harbour.

Our stay in Benan Island was such a memorable one – both for the visitors and I’m sure the local people, who we have visions of making Russian Roulegg a tradition at every major celebration for evermore!

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In 2015, after a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband and I sailed off into the sunset - this time to the wonderful Islands of Indonesia and beyond. Three years passed and we swapped sails for wheels driving through Scandinavia and Europe in a motor home. Now we are on the brink of another adventure - buying a Lagoon 420 Catamaran in Athens. This is our story.

9 thoughts on “Crossing the Equator –  aargh Jim Lad”

  1. Sounds like a party to remember – unforgettable, unforeggable even! Of course, one doesn’t cross the equator every day so big celebrations were essential! Glad you’re having such fun! XX


  2. Hi Dot, your Eggquator crossing party sounds wonderful. I am just amazed at how often you observe local dances and parties. Do the locals put shows on at the drop of a hat?
    Save sailing and thanks for a photo of the map. I tried to google some of the other place names, but you are so off the chart that google sometimes had no answer for me!


    1. Ha ha thanks Madeleine eggscellent to hear from you – you have eggscelled yourself with your Google research! We have been so lucky with all the performances put on for our Rally. They have been so professionally executed that we feel the groups must have been practising for months beforehand. Back on 14 December so hope to see you while we are in Brisbane x


  3. dear Dot and John, What a great time you and your fellow mariners had on your final day! The photos have come out very well and those of the island and nearby seas and skies are beautiful. I am just preparing for Christmas already-cards and presents- and so much look forward to seeing you again in the New Y ear. Very much love, Mum xxx .


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