Being tourists and being broken into

While we were waiting for the contract for the purchase of our boat to be drawn up we had a couple of days in which to relax and just be tourists in and around Athens

Oranges trees everywhere in the in the streets of Athens
A bamboo bike!

On previous trips to Greece (many years ago and not with each other) we hadn’t really explored much of mainland Greece so it was a real delight to be able to drive up the coast a little from Alimos Marina in Athens to the Athens Riviera- otherwise known as the Coast of Apollo.

There were lovely views from the coast road

Heading for the small port town of Lavrio near Cape Soúnion, we enjoyed the spectacular coast road before heading inland to cross the Attic Peninsula.

Heading inland on the Attic Peninsula

Lavrio (also known as Lavrion or Larium) was famous for its silver mining in antiquity and even today you can still see evidence of mine workings.

There were some nice shops in Lavrio

The town itself is quite small but there are a number of nice looking tavernas and cafes dotted around. We found a very welcoming spot to eat where the Greek salad was served with a veritable slab of feta cheese and the local sardines were flavoursome and combined well with delicious French fries and crusty local bread. A tin jug of red wine served in glass beakers rounded off the perfect meal.

Just a little bit of feta with our salad!
The food was delicious

Wine served Greek style

Later on we decided to visit nearby Cape Soúnion, the southernmost tip of the Attic Peninsula. In our usual haphazard way we hadn’t done a whole heap of research into the area so it was a wonderful surprise to arrive at the Cape as the sun set and witness the magnificence of the Temple of the mighty god of the Sea, Poseidon (the equivalent of the Roman god, Neptune).

Seeing the Temple of Poseidon at sunset was magical

Built between 444–440 BC, the temple’s remaining white marble columns dominate the skyline and glowed magnificently in the rays of the setting sun. As it became darker floodlight were switched on and then a sliver of a new moon rose! What a beautiful sight.

The temple of Poseidon was quite a sight with the floodlights turned on

The sliver of moon that rose over the temple added to the atmosphere
The coastal views on the way back were spectacular
The view out to the Island of Makronissos

The following day we took the tram into Athens and had a great time wandering through a fruit and veg market, eating lunch and visiting the magnificent Acropolis Museum which opened in 2009. The museum was fantastic – it houses every artifact found on the Acropolis Rock and surrounding slopes -all 4,000 of them – as well as displaying the Parthenon marbles.

The beautiful colours of the market

The olive stall smelt wonderful!

The museum is built over an extensive archaeological site which can be viewed through the glass floors. The excavations below are still in progress but will be open to the public in time.

It was fascinating being able to see the excavations below the museum

The building itself is lovely – full of light and with great display spaces. From the north side of the Parthenon hall, we could see the ancient temple above on the Acropolis.

There were some fascinating artifacts on display at the Acropolis Museum

You could see the Parthenon from the museum

We had a lovely day but the ending wasn’t so good. When we arrived back to our camper van – parked in a massive restaurant car park in Alimos Marina- we found that we had been broken into!

The two layers of plexiglass were cracked and the blind slashed to enable the thieves to get into their he van

Thankfully, the thieves must have been disturbed as there was absolutely nothing taken. However the biggest window had been broken and there was mess everywhere with clothes pulled out of cupboards etc.

There was a bit of a mess but nothing was taken

Of course, it was disappointing but we were thankful that the only real damage was the broken window and with nothing taken we didn’t feel too upset. However, rather than risk another visit by the thieves we decided to move to a proper campsite the following day for the rest of our stay in Athens.

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In 2015, after a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband and I sailed off into the sunset - this time to the wonderful Islands of Indonesia and beyond. Three years passed and we swapped sails for wheels driving through Scandinavia and Europe in a motor home. Now we are on the brink of another adventure - buying a Lagoon 420 Catamaran in Athens. This is our story.

One thought on “Being tourists and being broken into”

  1. Wow, sorry to hear that your camper got broken into!! We felt that this place was quite save next to that busy restaurant. We also left our camper unattended a few times there (although our windows are smaller and you would need a ladder to climb in)… I hope it doesn’t influence your journey too much!

    We travelled now two months further since we’ve met on that parking and only made it to just to Konya, Turkey 🙂 slowly travelling but everywhere is just so beautiful!!


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