Successful survey – big tick!

Finally we had arrived at Alimos Marina in Athens to complete the purchase of “Sunday”, a Lagoon 420 which we had originally found on the Internet, viewed in March, and having been impressed with her condition, paid a deposit on the purchase, pending a successful survey and sea trial

Sunday in Alimos Marina

Now we were back, having made a round trip in our camper van starting in Milan, where we landed early in September after a quick visit to Australia. Since then we had driven to the UK, then the Netherlands and afterwards travelled through Germany, Switzerland and back into Italy to meet friends in Rome. From Rome we went on to Brindisi where we caught the ferry to Greece.

So much space in the galley!

After almost a year and a half in the van hightailing it across Europe, we had adjusted well to life in our tiny house on wheels and now we were going to shake things up again and buy another boat.

We had got used to
life in our tiny house

I guess it’s only by continually making changes and taking on new challenges that we keep old age at bay?

One of the four cabins
With four bathrooms too!
Nav station and freezer

The first challenge however, was to find someone suitable to do the survey. We were unsure whether it was going to be difficult to find someone who was as highly qualified and meticulous as we would like. Also someone who could speak English well enough for us to understand the survey report.

Spacious dining
Even a microwave
Small fridge but there is a second one

We need not have worried!

King of all he surveys!

Advised by our yacht broker Yiannis of YD Yachts, we contacted the very un-Greek sounding William Walsh, of Walsh Marine who is a YA British Flag Commercial Yacht Inspector (MCA Code) and Tonnage Measurer and BMSE Surveyor.

The electrical board is the same as on Bali Hai but more accessible
Down to the cabins on the port side

Just a couple of days after our arrival in Athens William Walsh met us on Sunday with her owners, Nikos and Manos of Zouras Yachting and Yiannis the yacht broker.

Survey day
Surveyor William Walsh gets ready to go up the mast

William is of English descent but has lived in Greece since he was five so he has perfect Greek as well as perfect English, luckily for us.

Up he goes!

He was extremely thorough, actually meticulous, in his examination of the yacht and we were overjoyed to hear that it was in excellent condition (especially for a ten-year-old former charter yacht) and in his opinion, a great buy.

Checking everything out at the top of the mast
Manos and Sayeed hoisted the surveyor up the mast (and down again)

When he was hoisted up the mast though, he did find that that the forestay had two wires broken at the top swage. Nikos and Manos immediately rang up to organise a replacement forestay at their cost.

Waiting to take Sunday round to be lifted

During the survey, Yiannis and Nicos between them organised the crane to lift Sunday out of the water (there is no travel lift at Alimos Marina despite there being over a thousand yachts that need being taken in and out of the water.)

There are more than a thousand yachts at Alimos – every available space is used, however small
Which is it to be the red crane or the yellow crane?

The question was was it going to be the red crane or the yellow crane? They each had a favourite but the yellow crane won when the owner agreed to match the favourable price that the red crane operator had offered.

Hard to chose between them

It was quite a heart stopping moment as Sunday was lifted and then lowered onto blocks for William to undertake his forensic examination of the hull.

A heart stopping moment ( the yellow crane won!)

While he went round with his little hammer, Sayeed, who is permanently employed (and does a wonderful job) to look after the small fleet of Zouras Yachts (currently three boats) scraped the growth from the props.

The surveyor doing his thing while Sayeed takes the opportunity to scrape the two-bladed props
Nikos chatting to William Walsh about the prop
The surveyor and his hammer

By that evening William had sent us a full defects list which apart from the forestay, was very small and consisted of items such as:

“Stereo radio antenna is not connected.

– Port side cockpit stereo speaker does not work.

Not all the points were quite as insignificant but there were honestly very few issues of any concern at all, and all were easily fixable.

Sunday being put back into the water
Backing into her very tight berth.
Just make sure all your fenders are out!

We decided to have a day away from the marina the following day and drove up to the Temple of Poseidon, just a little over an hour North of Alimos which we had visited at sunset previously but hadn’t actually walked through the ruins.

The Temple of Poseidon

Unfortunately the car park was absolutely crammed and there was nowhere to park the camper van, so we left.

On the cliffs in Sounion looking over to the Temple of Poseidon (left)

We followed the coast road for a while and enjoyed a stroll around the cliff tops before heading on to Lavrio, a delightful little port town with lots of yachts to admire, a great laundrette and some lovely restaurants.

Getting ready for winter – newly washed sails dry in the sun before being stored until next season
Thanks Lavrio, great laundrette!
The sun sets over Lavrion

We spent the night there and the following day meandered back to Alimos Marina via Vgethi, a small beachside village with lovely views out to sea and a typical domed blue and white Greek Orthodox Church perched high up on an imposing cliff, surrounded by the impossibly blue Adriatic.

The Greek Orthodox Church in Vgethi
These churches always look so beautiful against the beautiful blue Greek sky
Met this little critter in the Church grounds

Back at the marina we were anxious to get on with the next stage Of purchasing our boat – sea trials!

Sun setting in crowded Alimos Marina

Good night!

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In 2015, after a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband and I sailed off into the sunset - this time to the wonderful Islands of Indonesia and beyond. Three years passed and we swapped sails for wheels driving through Scandinavia and Europe in a motor home. Now we are on the brink of another adventure - buying a Lagoon 420 Catamaran in Athens. This is our story.

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  1. This looks like a huge undertaking!! Almost as bad as buying a house, if not worse! Very exciting to have got to this point, though. Xx

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