That’s (Amore) Amorgos

When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine

That’s amore” 🎵🎶

Travelling around the fabulous Greek Island of Amorgos in our ultra small hire car, this old song kept playing round and round in my head – only with the word “Amore”(love) substituted by “Amorgos”.

That’s Amorgos!

Amorgos, the Easternmost island of the Cyclades group, is truly magnificent and an island so very easy to fall in love with.

The chora with the remains of a 13 Century castle overlooking the town

Our first stop was the ancient maze-like chora about five kilometres inland from where we were anchored and which rises to 400 metres above sea level.

The chora is surrounded by ancient windmills some of which can be seen on the ridge above

Dominated by the remains of a 13th Century castle and surrounded by a chain of ancient windmills, the chora is romantic, mysterious and utterly charming.

The chora is romantic…..
….mysterious and…..

As we roamed the intricate and deserted (because of Covid 19) network of passages and narrow alleyways, some of which date back to Medieval times, it was easy to imagine that we had gone through a wormhole in space and time and were wandering around in a bygone era.

it was easy to imagine that we had gone through a wormhole in space and time
Were we wandering around in a bygone era.?
The network of intricate passages were so lovely
It was like walking through a labyrinth
These ancient gates belonged to a very grand old house
This section looked very old
The bougainvillea and other flowering shrubs were glorious
How could you not fall in love with Amorgos?

But soon we were just below the castle at a very modern day coffee shop. Jonathan enjoyed a “proper” Greek coffee served from a little copper pan while I relished my milky but so-strong cappuccino.

Time for a coffee
Jonathan was delighted to have a traditional Greek coffee
It was very strong!

The castle remains were just that- remains – but it was amazing to climb to the top and take in the magnificent views this once-grand fortress commanded.

The castle towering above the chora
Sadly the remains were just that – remains
Of course there was the inevitable chapel perched up next to the castle
Great place to explore!
Precarious looking steps
Such great views from the castle

After a long wander round this magical place we set off to drive round the island – first heading North.

Perfect shop window!
Beautiful flowers with a windmill in the background
Loved this little courtyard

The dramatic vistas over the sea and landscape were breathtaking – photos just don’t do them justice!

Dramatic vista
View of the chora from above
King of all he surveys!
There were fantastic views from the road which hugged the coast
These goats has a great view too

We arrived in the port of Aegiali in the north of the island in time for our usual late lunch. This village is quite a bit newer than other towns on the island as in the past, settlements were built away from the sea to avoid pirate attacks.

We found somewhere to eat in Aegiali

There were a few lovely looking bars, tavernas and other eateries overlooking the ocean and the port. Sadly they were mostly empty of guests. We stopped at one and shared a delicious Greek Salad and a non-traditional hamburger, soaking up the glorious view as we ate.

….with a great view

We carried on with our tour of the island, taking in more glorious views and stopping to take a look at the hilltop village of Tholaria.

Everywhere you looked the views were spectacular!
Photos just don’t do the beauty justice
There were so many lovely views from the road
Hello sweet donkeys
The village of Tholaria
Close up of Tholaria
This old dwelling certainly had a great view!

Turning south we drove through tiny hamlets and towards a very special destination – the 11th Century Monastery of Panagia Hoziviotissa. More of this truly astonishing place to come in my next blog……

On the way south to the Monastery of Panagia Hoziviotissa
The road twisted and turned but the journey was so worthwhile

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2 thoughts on “That’s (Amore) Amorgos”

  1. So enjoying you keeping us connected with the Greek Islands with your blog and excellent photos, which capture perfectly the spirit and atmosphere of Greece.

    Just like being there with you!


    Sallymos and Yorgos xox


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