At anchor and a joyous reunion

Back on the boat again we spent a week settling back into the rhythm of life on board. The days were filled with reorganising everything – finding homes for winter clothes, rearranging linen and towels, restocking the pantry, reinstalling the water maker, getting the sails back on, scrubbing the decks and fenders, cleaning and reinstalling the outside window covers and catching up with washing and “indoor” housework.

Getting those sails back on

The beautiful mild weather we had been enjoying during the first week here in the delightful harbour town of Kas, Turkey, had turned to much cooler weather with high winds and lots of rain, interspersed with occasional sunny spells.

The threatening sky on our first night aboard
Hmm that’s what was in that big black cloud
But there’s always a rainbow to cheer you up
And then the sunshine and blue skies are back for a while

We were fortunate to be moored on Arm C of the marina. – very close to the supermarket which was very handy as there were quite a lot of heavy items that we needed to restock.

The supermarket at the end of our “arm”
Dumping our bottles in the recycling bins on arm “C”

The downside of being at the end of this particular arm was that it was in direct line with a vicious wave pattern whipped up by the high winds that caused Sunday – a Lagoon 420 catamaran – to pitch and twist on her lines.

Hard to photograph the conditions but believe me it was wild !

The first night that Sunday was in the marina we stayed in the apartment that we had hired and the following morning we arrived to find some marina employees hard at work making repairs to the decking on our arm. It seems the bucking and twisting on Sunday’s lines had caused a couple of bolts to sheer overnight. It sure was rough on the end of “C” arm!

It sure was rough on Arm “C”

We had to rearrange our lines and add a couple more to provide more stability and stop Sunday moving around quite so strenuously.

Bad weather coming from the other way now!

Having recently stayed quite a few months on and off with our daughter and son-in-law who follow a plant based diet made us think more about trying to eat much less meat in our diet. This has meant all my go-to meat based staple meals had to go and I needed to establish a new repertoire.

Captain there’s a leek, and it’s a big one!
Learning to blanche almonds as we couldn’t find them here in Kas

So I have introduced meals for the winter months such as vegetarian versions of Chilli Con Carne, Shepherds Pie and South Indian Coconut Curry and also added new recipes like Turkish style Ratatouille and Almond, Aubergine and cauliflower Balti. All highly delicious, nutritious and easy to make. Plus we have enjoyed the new textures and flavours. Each week I will be trialling a few new recipes to see how we like them.

Aubergine and Cauliflower Balti coming up (recipe courtesy of my sister Sarah’s cook book part II)

Once again we loaded up with vegetables, fruit, eggs, fresh herbs and lovely spices at the Friday markets and even bought a wooden pestle and mortar to crush spices with. Of course we stopped for Gozleme – cheese and spinach and banana and honey this time – delicious!

Half of this gozleme had disappeared before I remembered to take a photo!

Between food shopping and boat jobs we also had some great walks around the town – revisiting places we had discovered previously as well as visiting an ancient temple (the original building was 1st century AD and later additions were from the 3rd Century) for the first time.

The tallest mast in the marina
Some of the beautiful wooden gulets (tourist boats) on the hard being refurbished
We loved walking past this boat builders every day on our way into town
Every day we discover another ancient tomb
The centre of Kas – so quiet without the tourists
The locals reclaim the space for themselves in the winter months
Many of the gulets are pulled out of the water in winter
I love finding the old parts of town. This stairway is reminiscent of Greece – of course Kas was Greek until the population exchange in 1923
Walking past this site each day, we were curious to see what lay behind the wall.
We knew it was a temple but what would it look like?
Wow! The remains of the temple from the 1st Century AD
Surrounded by houses it’s hidden from the gaze of passers by

We also wandered along the waterfront where industrious workers were preparing restaurants and cafes for the forthcoming season (Covid permitting).

Hard at work with preparations for a (hopefully) busy tourist season
Couldn’t actually see a beach as such but it all looks lovely anyway

A little over a week after being splashed it was time to leave the marina and anchor out just a few hundred metres away in the little anchorage near the boatyard.

The marina staff were so efficient at taking us off the mooring.

The marina deck staff were very helpful untying us and our departure went extremely smoothly.

Such a luxury to have someone untie your lines for you
Bye bye marina

Fortunately the weather had settled down for the time being and it felt great to be at anchor again.

Settled at anchor
A beautiful calm anchorage
The end of a busy day

We were excited to hear from Silke and Tim Whittaker from S/V Polykandros that they were arriving in Kas on Saturday 20th March.

Sunday at anchor from the shore

The last time we had seen the Whittaker family was the day we left Athens Marina on 1 June 2020 after spending the whole of our three month lockdown together in Alimos Marina.

Polykandros arrives in Kas!

Having spent a lot of time with each other – sharing meals, doing art classes, playing games, swapping movies, working (unsuccessfully) to get our Greek visas extended and generally keeping each other’s spirits up during those difficult days of the first Covid lockdown – we had become very close so we were very much looking forward to seeing each other again.

We could hear Lucy barking joyously from here!

Last Saturday Polykandros came into view. Before they had come alongside Sunday to say “hi” their beautiful little dog Lucy let out a big yelp of excitement and started running up and down Polykandros barking joyously!

Such a wonderful reunion

We were amazed that after almost nine months she not only remembered us but was also so pleased to be reunited!

Soon after they were settled at anchor the Polykandros crew lowered their dinghy and came over to “Sunday”. It was such a wonderful reunion!

The Polykandros crew heading our way

Later, while Tim and Silke went to do some much needed shopping for fresh provisions we went for a great stroll with Luca, Nina and Lucy.

Aww Lucy
So many beautiful flowers on the way to the temple
Arriving at the temple
Lucy is all ears
A lovely view of Kas from the temple

We walked up the hill away from town and around the coast to see the delightfully small but beautiful Hellenistic theatre (built in the 1st Century BC) that seated 4,000 people and has wonderful views over the Mediterranean Sea.

If the entertainment was boring the audience could always gaze out to sea!
Nina “performing”
Such a delightful theatre

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In 2015, after a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband and I sailed off into the sunset - this time to the wonderful Islands of Indonesia and beyond. Three years passed and we swapped sails for wheels driving through Scandinavia and Europe in a motor home. Now we are on the brink of another adventure - buying a Lagoon 420 Catamaran in Athens. This is our story.

2 thoughts on “At anchor and a joyous reunion”

  1. Hello, I have loved following your adventures – especially in waters i have recently sailed. Thank you. I think you are in Finike now. In 2020, I sailed from La Linea to Fethiye as friendly crew on a FP47 – SV BOOMERANG. Anthony and Michele Gain sent me a pic of SUNDAY as they are in Finike for the winter.
    I am sooo wishing to come back to Turkey and EU sailing. I live in Phuket, and have a Jeanneau 36i, SV Lunasea. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Cheerio for now,
    Lori Ashton


    1. Oh wow Lori, What a small world! What a fascinating journey you had last year. So sorry you aren’t able to return to this area – it’s such a frustrating and difficult time right now. Yes we arrived in Finike yesterday! We will definitely go and say hi to Anthony and Michelle once the rain eases (coming down in buckets rght now). Thanks for reading my blog and hope one day we will meet up somewhere in this wide world.


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