Making up for lost time

It was simply wonderful being with our son Ben and his wife Sarah after being separated for two and a half years due to Covid travel restrictions and then being delayed four days longer due to the extreme flooding event along the east coast of Australia.

So good to be together again!

Once we had settled in it was as if we had never been away and we set about making up for lost time.

Drinks in the bar with friends

We had drinks in the bar they had built themselves with some of Ben and Sarah’s best friends; had an online cocktail making (and drinking) session with our daughter Hannah in the Netherlands; met our newest great nephew for the first time and went for some great walks with the granddoggies.

Our cocktail making session
Hannah joined in on-line from the Netherlands
Met this gorgeous boy for the first time
Went for some great walks with the granddoggies

One week after our arrival in Brisbane we drove fifteen minutes from Ben and Sarah’s house to the glorious property that they were in the process of purchasing. Unfortunately the flood waters were still over the road leading to the new place and we had to contain our impatience for another couple of days.

The flooded creek hadn’t receded enough for us to get to the new property

While we waited to see their new home, we organised a one-night trip to Sydney to catch up with dear friends, went to a timber yard to find a good piece of wood for their new mailbox and just enjoyed hanging out with Ben and Sarah who had taken a week off work to spend time with us.

A trip to the timber yard to buy a good piece of wood for the mailbox
The mobile dog wash – can you
see Ozzie inside?!

Finally, nine days after our arrival in Australia, the flooded creeks were passable and we were able to see Ben and Sarah’s new home.

The floodwaters have finally receded and the causeway is visible again
The undergrowth on each side of the creek was badly damaged and muddy
The floods left such a mess in their wake
Last creek crossing before Ben
and Sarah’s property
Who would of thought we were only 50 minutes from the centre of Brisbane?
The first dam and the small shed near the entrance to the property

We were blown away with the beautiful location, the wonderful views, the bubbling creeks (small rivers), the two big dams (man made lakes), the paddocks and the fabulous, spacious house with a spectacular outlook.

Welcome to Ben and Sarah’s new home
Such a beautiful location
The very well equipped kitchen
Taken on the front deck
Bathroom with a view!
The gorgeous living room with windows
on three sides
What a fantastic view!
So many beautiful trees
Down by the creek. The house is just visible at the top of the picture
The dogs love paddling in the creek
All set up for drinks by the big dam
The water looking very brown after all the rain
A very happy couple!
Down by the dam

Jonathan had great fun driving the big yellow tractor and we all loved meeting the large green frog community living around the exterior of the house.

Jonathan loved driving the big yellow tractor!
We all enjoyed meeting the
green tree frog family
Ben giving a green tree frog some moisture
Celebration time!

Now that the contract on the property had been completed Ben and Sarah lost no time getting on with jobs and soon hopped on their ride-on mower to start tidying up the immediate surrounds of the house. They also pulled up some fences around the house so they could increase the space to make a large run for the ducks and to improve the view from the deck.

Ben hitching a ride up to the shed
on the ride-on
The “big” shed up ahead
Pulling up fence posts – with the help
of the yellow tractor!

Meanwhile the timber for the mailbox was cut to size and stained and was soon sitting proudly in the shared laneway leading to the property. A beautiful front gate was commissioned and delivered.

The very smart new mailbox
Admiring the new gate

Ben and Sarah also organised a guy to come in and slash as much of the property as possible over three days. The contractor worked from dawn until 8pm each evening and managed to tame huge tracts of land. He did such an amazing job.

Before the slasher arrived
After the slasher!
The paddock was much larger than
we first thought – hurray for the slasher!
Ben’s 4WD in the newly slashed paddock
Sarah and the dogs explore!

Over the next few days we explored the hundred acres in the 4-WD and marvelled at all the special spots we discovered. What a great time to have arrived in Australia – just as the contract on the new house had completed!

Driving on the newly slashed tracks
We found some beautiful spots
Admiring the view
This was such a glorious place
So wonderful to see this amazing view!

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2 thoughts on “Making up for lost time”

  1. Wow!

    The long wait’s over! What an amazing place!!

    We can feel your shared enthusiasm..(And thank goodness for the slasher!!)

    And best wishes for the future to Ben, Sarah and the animals, wild and tame, in your new home.

    Love Sally&Joerg xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sally and George, lovely to hear from you. We are back in Turkey now and enjoying being back on the boat but missing family and friends of course! Ben and Sarah have just been flooded in again but we’re able to kayak across the creek to pick up essential supplies, including beer! Hope all is good your end and your diary is going well!


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