Hello, hello. Goodbye!

We were up on the hard standing at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. 

Bali Hai on the travel lift – always a nervewracking time!

While Jonathan was doing battle with a multitude of minute but mighty barnacles that clung tightly to Bali Hai’s bottom, I took the opportunity to clean the teak trim (including seats, toe and grab rails, swim platform etc.)

No wonder we were going so slowly – those mighty barnacles!

Yes teak trim, I know I had neglected you. I’m sorry OK? But I have now cleaned you, rubbed on brightening fluid and lovingly oiled you and you were thoroughly spoiled! 

Teak oil drying in the sun

After I had finished my finger nails were extremely sore and tender (oops took the gloves off – note to self ALWAYS wear gloves when doing jobs like this!) My knuckles were also stiff and painful. But the teak looked good, very good. Even though I say it myself. 

Looks much cleaner!

Working on the hard stand was soooo hot but luckily at night we were able to plug in our portable air conditioner which we had purchased for A$300 at Tesco’s (a big supermarket chain from the UK) in Penang . Worth every cent!
Our much loved air conditioner

The other discomfort for me (I hate heights!) was having to climb up and down the ladder to get to the boat. This was especially tiresome ( think perilous) when it was night time as I really didn’t like feeling my way down the ladder in the inky blackness of the yard. 

That ladder!

While we were working away we reconnected with Xavier on Windkissed who was also doing some work before heading off on the East Malaysia Rally. He was waiting for his new crew member the lovely Brooke from Brisbane who had crewed on Psycho Puss during the the Sail2Indonesia Rally. It was great to catch up with them both. 

No Occupational Health and Safety rules here

Once all the barnacles had been despatched it was time for the anti foul to be applied and for all the other jobs that needed doing – polishing the hull, cleaning the stainless steel, etc etc. Hot thankless work but it has to be done. 

Bali Hai goes back in the water

After about a week we were able to put Bali Hai back in the water which we did without a hitch. The travel lift guys working at Rebak Marina were very professional, careful and helpful. 
We then had the wait (which did seem endless) for a new gear box for our anchor winch to arrive. Fortunately Jack and Jan from Anthem, and Gerrit and Annemieke from Fruits de Mer, arrived to keep us from going too stir crazy. We also caught up with the amazing Crone Family, crew of Allure of NZ, and briefly, Nadire and Selim from the Turkish boat,  Keyif. 

Pretty Rebak Island

We also enjoyed exploring a bit more of pretty Rebak Island and even discovered the wreck of a closed down resort. 

Can you make out the Hornbill? Lots of interesting bird life on Rebak Island

By the time the gear box had arrived and Jonathan had fitted and tested it out, it was once again time to put Bali Hai into hibernation before leaving on 6 March for two months in England visiting friends and family. 

The wreck of a former resort on Rebak Island

Even the transport used to pick up passengers from the jetty is left behind

The thought of seeing our loved ones again was exciting but as we had only managed four or five days out of the marina since the previous November, it did feel odd leaving our floating home – still in the marina 
It was with a tinge of sadness that we waved farewell to our friends standing at the ferry quay. They were preparing to leave on the next leg of their adventures and who knows when we would see them again. 

Last breakfast at the resort with the Fruits de Mer crew before we leave for the UK

That’s the thing about cruising there are always too many goodbyes but then, when (and often where) you would least expect it, you have delightful and unexpected reunions. 

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Salty tales from Bali Hai

In 2015, after a break from cruising of almost 30 years, my husband and I sailed off into the sunset - this time to the wonderful Islands of Indonesia and beyond. Three years passed and we swapped sails for wheels driving through Scandinavia and Europe in a motor home. Now we are on the brink of another adventure - buying a Lagoon 420 Catamaran in Athens. This is our story.

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  1. Always picking up tips as I read blogs. Thank you. I thought getting an air conditioner might be necessary. Noted the price and place. Would you mind telling me the costs of Rebak for the slippage. I’m comparing prices with Pangkor which Melinda sent. She just took a photo of the invoice, if that’s easier?


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